91-1254 Renton Rd, Ewa Beach, Hi 96706 (808) 220-3210

Our Values

Promote a Healthy Environment

  • Maintain a comfortable, interesting and safe space
  • Promote environmental responsibility through education, conservation, reuse and recycling of resources
  • Teach and promote good hygiene
  • Provide healthy foods and resources to educate and support families in nutrition


Provide Excellent Programs

  • Provide a literacy rich preschool program, which promotes socialization and a well-rounded learner
  • Encourage social skill development
  • Support academic achievement through a designated homework time, assistance and other projects cooperatively with families and teachers
  • Promote physical fitness, self-confidence, creativity and critical thought development.
  • Offer a range of specialized extracurricular activities through field trips and events
  • Foster an inclusive community with a positive and proactive approach to discipline
  • Augment our curriculum with international and multi-cultural project themes


Assure Excellent Staff

  • Maintain a low child-to-staff ratio
  • Encourage clear and open communication between children, staff, and families
  • Seek cultural diversity when hiring
  • Offer competitive salary and benefits to attract and retain highly qualified staff
  • Promote staff excellence through ongoing professional development through the HAEYC and Native Children Programs.


Maintain Good Business Practices

  • Maintain a solid financial position with adequate cash balances and reserves
  • Offer competitive rates to keep the program affordable to all families
  • Manage costs when ensuring a high quality program
  • Maintain efficient and proper accounting procedures