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Our Preschool Curriculum & Hawaii State Content Standards

The child:

  • Initiates & sustains positive interactions with other children
  • Makes friends (demonstrates social support and loyalty, maintains relationships over time, refers to particular children as friends)
  • Is able to separate from parents with minimal difficulty
  • Makes independent decisions about activities
  • Is competent in self-help skills and requires minimal adult assistance
  • Handles conflicts constructively and independently
  • Is assertive when confrontations arise (e.g. stands up for themselves, does not avoid conflict)
  • Interacts cooperatively with adults and children
  • Participates in classroom routines and follows rules with minimal reminders
  • Develops a variety of strategies for solving difficult problems with materials
  • Develops a variety of strategies for solving problems with children and adults
  • Shows persistence in solving problems
  • Expresses a range of feelings in appropriate ways (e.g. cries when sad, smiles/laughs when happy, yells when angry)
  • Expresses thoughts, ideas, preferences and needs
  • Focuses on and sustains attention to self-initiated tasks
  • Pays attention to directions and explanations
  • Experiments freely with art and other open-ended materials

Other Standards