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The children set and designed their course by themselves. The teachers only interrupted when one child tried to run off with materials and stop the game they created.

Chapel – Today we loved God with all our heart. We thanked him for the good thing and people we love. We thanked him for life! We sings some songs and said the pledge of Allegiance.

Book review – all over the world transportation and cultures – Geography – Teacher asked what country do we live in? She pointed to it on the map. The children chimed in we live in America.

Everyone sat up tall, no laying on the carpets and scribbling. Everyone is trying to write his or her names and numbers to represent how many children were present in school today.

This child is blending the L sound to the short vowel sound. This exercise sets the foundation to train the brain to memorize individual sounds as isolate then mixed or blended with another sound.

Period 4 is after nap before outdoor play and snack, Mr. Jacob leads the group in a movement activity to wire their brains. Almost everyone did it together!

Literacy – Gobble, Gobble – During Reader Response we talked about how many groups of animals were on the farm. Turkeys, robins, pigs, dogs, hens, sheep, geese, rabbits, kittens, goats, and cows. When the barn yard became a noisy zoo, Mr. Farmer decided he might have a turkey feast if it doesn’t quiet down. The question what do animals need to survive? Kira said, “food.” Riley said, “water.” Ms. Jessica said, “I think they need friends and love too!”

Literacy- Reader’s Response – Today we reviewed the book A Tiny Seed, a grand story about how the seed was smaller, slower and not as sharp as the other seeds, but as they traveled through the seasons many seeds, plants and flowers got taken or picked but the tiny seed beams the biggest flower of the town. The children then got to hold sun flower seeds, which they planted in the afternoon. The children worked on their journal price, using at least three colors and reflecting the parts of the story. Several children asked to see the book and all the five year old’s copied the sentence – A tiny seed.

Planting Lima beans

Post Office Field Trip – We mailed letters to our grandparents.

The big native feast to celebrate caring for one another! We shared this special moment with Ohana and friends.

Mr. Jimmy came to visit and talked about the military for Vet’s day!

Birthday Celebration!

Practicing for a play in the Chapel. The keiki have great public speaking confidence and love to be on the stage.

Science – Today we looked at the rocks from the earth. We got to feel the sandpaper continents surrounded by oceans. Our vocabulary words today and this month are earth, rocks, mountains, streams, rivers, valleys, sand, and sea. We also asked where re we ? The Ewa Plain – Kapolei, Ewa and Waipahu.

Library Visit – Ewa Beach Library has its own room just for young children. The Librarian read a story about manners – Oh No George. A book about a dog, who tells himself he will be good, but keeps doing thing wrong and saying, Oh Mo George to himself aloud.” We learned the books are free to use, we can get movies, and music too!

Story Time – What if Jesus come to my house.


Easter Celebration – Our students and their siblings enjoyed egg hunt and lunch after performance.