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My son has been blessed with the opportunity to attend the Literacy Preschool since August 2015. Although he has only been in attendance for the past several months we feel that he was welcomed with open arms. We are a military family and move often so our little guy is no stranger to change of preschool but we felt that he was safe and well cared for while at school. The staff at EPLP is kind, caring and patient. The director and teachers included our first grader, who attends the adjacent elementary school, in the children’s Christmas and Easter performances. The curriculum is adequate and age appropriate. Before moving to Hawaii my son was being evaluated for speech delays however after working with the teachers and staff at Ewa Plains Literacy Preschool, he is reading pre-k level easy readers with some help, he writes his first and last name, he can count and complete simple addition and subtraction problems. I am very confident that he will enter kindergarten with confidence and the necessary social skills to thrive with his classmates.