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About Ewa Plains Literacy Preschool

Ewa Literacy School acquired Ewa Plains Literacy Preschool with the purpose of expanding its services to the community. Ewa Plains Literacy Preschool at 91-1258 Renton Rd., Ewa Beach, is an inexpensive, credible and dedicated preschool since 2005. Being able to provide the best early childhood education and our 3 - 5 year old's successful transition to kindergarten is the most rewarding part of our profession. Located in the center of Ewa, our facility is spacious and furnished specially to meet the children's needs. We ensure uniqueness and individuality of each child is recognized, and we foster a love lifelong learning that the children will carry with them through elementary schools and beyond.

Our program serves all areas of the children's development - social, emotional, intellectual, academic, and physical. We use a variety of methods for learning and make their preschool experience memorable and fun.

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Our Preschool Curriculum & Hawaii State Content Standards

Any program can claim to be a school and not a day care; the proof is in the grading. Ask to see the facility's measuring standards, methods of tracking and means of reporting to parents/families.

We provide child portfolios, report cards, two conferences and an annual summary. We are a Literacy Preschool, this is why we do not have a long calendar year or day care hours.

These are the exact Hawaii State Content Standards for four year olds. When you visit our school, you will see the specific goals under each standard being met before a child leaves for Kindergarten.


My son has been blessed with the opportunity to attend the Literacy Preschool since August 2015. Although he has only been in attendance for the past several months we feel […]

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My daughter has been blessed to attend Ewa Plains Preschool. I have older children who have attended preschools but this, the literacy program, has far exceeded the preschools my elder […]



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