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** Additional details regarding policies are provided in the Family Handbook. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.



Every program has routines and rules. These routines and rules help children learn and ensure their safety and protection while they are in school. Rules and regulations will be given out at orientation and an agreement to abide by them will be signed before the start of the program. Participants that do not follow the rules will be given at least one verbal or written warning before being asked to leave the property.



Child Abuse Policy

It is the policy of the Ewa Plains Enrichment Program to comply with the Hawaii Child Protective Act.

The act creates specific legal duties and procedures designed to safeguard, treat and provide service and permanent plans for children who have been harmed or are threatened with harm.

Harm is defined as an injury to a child’s physical or psychological health, or welfare.


  • Any case where injuries are evidenced by:
    Substantial or multiple skin bruising or any other internal bleeding
  • Any injury to skin causing substantial bleeding
  • Failure to thrive
  • Burn or burns
  • Poisoning
  • Fracture of any bone
  • Sub-dural hematoma
  • Soft tissue swelling
  • Extreme pain
  • Extreme mental distress
  • Gross degradation
  • Any case where the child has been the victim of sexual contacts or conduct
  • Any case where there exists injury to psychological capacity of a child
  • Any case where the child is not provided in a timely manner with adequate food, clothing, shelter, psychological care, physical care, medical care, or supervision.
  • Any case where the child is provided with dangerous, harmful, or detrimental drugs.



Emotional support and family bonding are our priority.

All children must be given to their teacher and signed in and out daily by law.

Hold your child’s hand in the parking lot. Close the gates EVERYTIME you use them.

Our school is a pet, smoke, gun, and drug free place.

Immunizations are required by law unless stated in writing for religious purposes.

Emergency drills are done monthly. Our evacuation shelter is Ewa Mahiko District Park at 91-1161 Renton Road, Ewa, 96706.

After hours contact with staff members does not constitute representation of the school.

Sexual harassment is prohibited between all parties and a policy is set forth in the PFH.

An anti-harassment policy for teasing or hitting includes economic status, gender, language, color of the skin and/or disability.



Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of EPEP that no person shall be subjected to discrimination because of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, marital status, disabled or Vietnam Era Veteran status, or the presence of any physical, mental, or sensory handicap. This policy applies to every aspect of the EPEP program, practices, policies and activities, including client services and employment practices. It is a policy of EPEP that we will make reasonable accommodation to physical or mental limitations of disabled children in our care, as well as for those children seeking care.

Gender Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of EPEP to require strict compliance with the Title IX 1972 to provide educational opportunities and programs free from gender a s described in the act. The compliance assures each student the right to participate fully in the classroom instruction or extracurricular activities without being limited or impaired because of any gender.

All acts of student’s gender discrimination at Ewa Plains Enrichment Programs site are investigated and documented by the Title IX compliance coordinator, or designee, corrective action completed in a timely manner. A site with reported incidents of gender discrimination will be monitored by the Title IX compliance coordinator to ensure effective resolution, satisfactory compliance and that appropriate remedial action is taken. Any settlement of a grievance shall be applicable to the grievance only and shall not be biding authority for the disposition of any other grievance.

Americans with Disabilities:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against individuals with physical or psychological disabilities. It is the policy of Ewa Plains Enrichment Programs to make its programs, services, and activities accessible to qualified persons with disabilities. A qualified person with disability refers to an individual with a disability that is otherwise qualified to participate in any given school, program or activity.



EPEP Anti-Harassment Policy

This policy states that it is unacceptable to tease anyone about or touch or hit anyone because of:

  • The color of their skin
  • How much money their family has
  • Whether they have a disability
  • The language they speak at home
  • Whether they are boys or girls
  • Like boys or girls



It is the policy of Ewa Plains Enrichment Program that every student has the right to attend school free from sexual harassment in a safe learning environment and to be treated with respect. Under Federal and State Laws, schools are required to maintain an educational environment that is free of sexual harassment. EPEP is committed to providing a learning environment free from intimidation, hostility or abusive conduct that interferes with a student’s ability to learn and enjoy all aspects of his/her educational experience. Sexual harassment is prohibited and will not be tolerated in any form. This policy governs the conduct of a student towards another student, staff member, or parent regardless of gender.

Sexual harassment is defined as any uninvited or unwanted conduct that interferes with a student’s right to a safe learning environment as well as uninvited or unwanted sexual conduct directed toward another student or staff member, or parent regardless of gender.

All formal or informal, verbal or written complaints or sexual harassment will be investigated promptly and confidentially and any student who is found to have sexually harassed another student, staff member or parent will be disciplined. Consequences will range from verbal warning to immediate dismissal.

Educational sites with reported incidents or sexual harassment will be monitored to ensure effective resolution, satisfactory compliance and remedial action has been taken to resolve the report previously made.

Information concerning a reported incident of sexual harassment hall be treated as confidentially as possible, consistent with the establishment’s legal responsibilities, taking into consideration the need to promptly investigate, and the need to take disciplinary action if it found that sexual harassment has occurred. Information obtained during the decisions regarding the incident or as otherwise required by law.

Anyone who assists, cooperates, or participates in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing related to a complaint of sexual harassment may be subject to disciplinary action. Anyone who retaliates against an individual who reports sexual harassment will also be subject to disciplinary action.

Submission of sexual harassment complaint or report shall not affect that individual’s summary report, participation in activities, etc.

Definition of Sexual Harassment

Uninvited or unwanted conduct that interferes with a student’s right to a safe learning environment as well as uninvited or unwanted conduct directed toward another student, staff member, or parent regardless or his/her gender may constitute as sexual harassment.


  • Verbal sexual comments (about parts of the body, clothing, or looks)
  • Inappropriate or sexually degrading name-calling
  • Sexually explicit or offensive jokes
  • Cartoons or pictures sexual in nature, or pornography
  • Sexual messages or graffiti
  • Playing sexually offensive computer games
  • Unwelcome touching of another individual’s body
  • Physically intimidating or making another person feel uncomfortable or afraid
  • Touching oneself sexually in front of others
  • Sexual assault or attempted sexual assault
  • Other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature

** Alleged victims are encouraged to advise the alleged harasser that they find such behavior to be unwelcome and objectionable.



All Ewa Plains Enrichment Program facilities are both smoke and drug-free environments. Smoking, drinking, or use of any illegal substances is prohibited on school property, parking lots, bus terminals, and field trip locations or in any rental buses. Any person under the influences of alcohol or drugs are not permitted on school property, at field trip locations, with students, or on any rental buses. Random drug testing is done for all teachers and staff employed by EPEP.



Families can enter and visit the school at any time.

Notification of any program changes will be given to families at least 31 days in advance.

You may obtain your child’s records by putting your request in writing.

We do not have liability insurance. You are hereby notified of this per our state guidelines.

It is the policy of Ewa Plains to remain neutral in parental right issues. We use legal documents that we’ve obtained in the child’s records.


** Additional details regarding policies are provided in the Family Handbook. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.