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General Schedule

The School Day

A schedule will be provided per request. Schedules for various programs will be tailored to meet the various needs of each class. Each teacher individual classroom scedules are posted on the family boards.

An example of daily routine include: 3 bathroom breaks, 3 snack or meal periods, 3-teacher directed small and larger group meetings. 1 solid hour of free choice child’s play, 2 outdoor (1-large and 1 class group) play periods, 1-morning assembly as a full school and 1 quiet period.


The Year at a Glance

Please refer to the calendar for important dates. EPEP is a year-round academic school, not a Day-Care, therefore, grading periods; trainings, conferences and seasonal breaks are built into the school year.


School Vacations

Please see handout provided in your school entrance packet and in the monthly classroom newsletter, family board in the classroom or at the check in area.